October 10, 2014

Democrats Hate American Prosperity

Jobs?? Jobs?? We no got to show you no stinking jobs!

From the Weekly Standard:
Seems Canada is tired of waiting – and waiting – for a decision on the Keystone pipeline and has come up with an alternate plan for moving the oil to market. As Bloomberg reports:

It would be Keystone on steroids, more than twice as long and carrying a third more crude. Its end point, a refinery in the blue-collar city of Saint John, New Brunswick, operated by a reclusive Canadian billionaire family, would give Canada’s oil-sands crude supertanker access to the same Louisiana and Texas refineries Keystone was meant to supply.


… if you’re a fed-up Canadian, like Prime Minister Stephen Harper, there’s a bonus: Obama can’t do a single thing about it.

The alternative pipeline will:

... also prove a blow to the environmentalists who have made central to the anti-Keystone arguments the concept that if Keystone can be stopped, most of that polluting heavy crude will stay in the ground.

Finally, since the new pipeline will be built in Canada, the economic benefits from its construction will be felt there.


LL said...

I don't blame the Canadians for moving ahead with the plan. I wouldn't wait for the US to make a decision either.

sig94 said...

LL - I dont either. S**T or get off the pot.

Gorges Smythe said...

Good for them!