October 16, 2014

Medieval Armored Combat Tactics

H/T Geekologie


LL said...

By the late 1400's crossbows would punch right through that plate. There were also early 'handguns' which would defeat much of the armor plate in service.

Take those armored knights and let me see a demonstration in MUD. (Agincourt)

Cavalry had been all but stopped by Swiss pikemen (mercenaries like the Genoese crossbowmen)

I realize that the plate still allows one to fight but combined arms and light artillery (archery) made much of it pretty but obsolete. Potiers, Cressy and Agincourt explained it to the Knights.

WoFat said...

BANG ! CRASH !.!.Damn!

sig94 said...

LL - but, but .... it's so shiny.

underground pewster said...

Noisy! A little hard to sneak up and surprise your opponent.