October 18, 2014

How Ebola Is Done

Nigeria managed to stop ebola in its tracks. What did they do?
...there has not been a new case of the virus since September 5. And since September 24 the country's Ebola isolation and treatment wards have sat empty. If by Monday, October 20 there are still no new cases, Nigeria, unlike the U.S., will be declared Ebola free by the World Health Organization (WHO). 
What can we learn from this African country's success quashing an Ebola outbreak?
  • Fast and thorough tracing of all potential contacts
  • Ongoing monitoring of all of these contacts
  • Rapid isolation of potentially infectious contacts
Apparently Nigeria has people who know what they're doing running their disease prevention. Wonder if they'd like to come here...


Euripides said...

The Nigerians don't want to live here. They realize as well as anyone that our government is completely insane.

LL said...

I'm sure that if Joe (Slow Joe) Biden had a Nigerian assistant that he'd have ended up as the ebola czar -- or would that be racist?

Doom said...

There is not a problem at hand that could not be administered, if the end result wasn't the opposite of what the stated goal is. Incompetence, sure. If I actually think incompetence is the reason we don't have a full blown epidemic and a total financial collapse. Yes, yes, they are working on those things. True.

Our government isn't insane, it simply abhors life, liberty, and happiness. As do half, or more, of the electorate. Most of the rest don't care enough to risk anything to change things.