November 20, 2014

Like The NY Thruway After The Buffalo Snowstorm

Just think of all the web traffic that would choke the intertubes if Kim Kardashian put this shirt over her butt.
The controversial novelty Hawaiian shirt worn by British scientist Dr. Matt Taylor which 'broke the internet' after a furious 'shirtstorm' whipped up by enraged feminists has proven surprisingly popular, selling out on American shirt supplier

Although Dr. Taylor's favourite shirt was a hand-made custom given to him by a close friend as a birthday present, a virtually identical shirt made to a similar cut and with the same fabric has long been available online. The shirt, originally referred to by the fabric pattern name 'New Gunner Girls' but now refereed to on the website as the 'Matt Taylor Astronaut', has been the subject of a rush of orders that has overwhelmed the American manufacturer.


Doom said...

Yeah, I emailed them. No response, but I figured they were simply swamped. I'll keep trying. There are a couple of places, locally, where I wish to wear this shirt.


sig94 said...

Doom - good luck with that! The manufacturer must be scrambling to get more of that fabric.