November 20, 2014

It Still Doesn't Make It So

“Malvinas are Argentine”, mandatory in all Argentine public transport systems

All Argentine public transport must include the logo “Malvinas are Argentine”, according to the latest bill approved by the Lower House in Congress, following on an initiative from Senator Teresta Luna from the ruling coalition of President Cristina Fernandez.

According to the bill all domestic public transport of passengers which operate under any condition in the federal jurisdiction of Argentina, and also in the region, are obliged to bear the phrase in their transport units.

The rule applies to all form of public transport of passengers, including those moving along streets, avenues, highways, railways, fluvial and maritime transport, as well as air travel.

Sounds like the media and ObamaCare, no?


LL said...

They really want another war with the British? Didn't the last one teach anyone a lesson?

Doom said...

Why don't they put, gravity is merely belief, instead? It would save them a lot more pain, uhrm, nationally. And it might get rid of some of the lessor herd types. Win-win.