March 16, 2015

And They Wonder Why We Want To Forget.

Men are forgetful. It's a self defense mechanism that we developed over the ages.
It's official, say scientists, men really do have worse memories than women.

A new US study shows memory loss is a natural part of ageing which doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll succumb to Alzheimer’s.

Declining memory is common to everyone, but it affects men earlier in life – most notably from their 40s.

Dr Clifford Jack Jr. of the Mayo Clinic and Foundation in Minnesota said the findings should reassure people that some level of memory loss is a natural feature of getting older.

[...]Dr Jack said it was unclear why men’s brains tend to decline more rapidly, but supplies of the female hormone oestrogen may help women’s brains stave off neuron damage until midlife.
It's like an estrogen crazed neuron fires off somewhere in their frontal lobe and the next thing you know it's, like, how come you don't wear that shirt I bought you, why did your mother say this, how come you always fart so loud at my sister's house...

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LL said...

We forget because we want to.

Fredd said...

Flawed study. Men remember the important stuff, and core dump all the crap that doesn't mean anything (anniversary, first kiss, you know, the stupid garbage).

Men reserve their memory capacity for the good stuff: the engine size in cubic inches of their first car, how much their first job paid per hour (including shift differential), and who won the 1983 NCAA basketball championship (Jimmy V's NC State, where Valvano was running around on the court looking for somebody to hug when they won in the last second - who could forget that?)

What was the name of the restaurant where we first dated? What color was our babie's first bankie? The middle name of the mother-in-law? Men will dump all of that junk to make room for the important stuff.

It's a fact. Look it up. I don't need sources here, Sig.

Doom said...

I think, if they studied more closely, and topically, they would find that memory in men doesn't actually degrade as they show. It is simply that as the body slows, what to remember is prioritized. Can't do much about it? Forget it. Basically, about some things, men simply don't give a shit. Oh, is that too much honesty? I remember the post you put up about the old guy suggesting honesty was his greatest fault.

Oh, and the other thing? When women hit menopause they completely mentally tucker out. *bam* I've watched that, in horror. I don't really remember all the details, because I... am honest. :p

Kid said...

Exactly, we forget because we know our women never will.