March 18, 2015

And It's Bibi For Six

We need someone like this.

But, instead, we got this clown.

Obama brought his Dooms Day Defense into the game. They sucked like everything else he does.

Bibi wins re-election.
When it comes to elections, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is the political equivalent of a scrambling quarterback. During the three-month election campaign that ended Tuesday night, the prime minister fell 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage before evading a savage blitz, escaped a catastrophic sack, then, at the last moment, turned upfield, crossed the line of scrimmage and galloped ahead for a huge gain.

Although Netanyahu’s Likud Party only won about half the number of seats needed to secure a majority in Israel’s parliament, it did so much better than anyone (including Bibi) expected that he seems to have triumphed in the goal he had set for himself last December when he broke up the government he had formed in 2013 and called new elections.
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WoFat said...

Perfect captions.

Fredd said...

There's two guys who are heads of state in the Middle East that I wish were the head of OUR state: I'd take Bibi and King Abdullah of Jordan over Barry, any day.

Both of them could swear they were born in Stuebenville, OH. I'd believe them.

sig94 said...

Fredd - amen to that.