May 20, 2015

Do You Blame Them?

The Daily Mail can be a mite hysterical at times. Like this article on American soldiers executing SS prison guards after liberating the hell hole of Dachau.

My FIL served in an armored unit under Patton's 3rd Army at the end of the war. He liberated a prison camp; he never would talk about it. All he would say was "Those poor bastards." He did talk about the SS soldiers he saw strung up by their necks along the German roads.
An American WWII doctor told how he calmly watched US soldiers massacre German SS guards in the Dachau concentration camp because they 'SO HAD IT COMING'.

Captain David Wilsey wrote to wife Emily that he did not have a 'single disturbed emotion' because he saw the Nazis as 'SS Beasts' that deserved to be slaughtered.

GIs tortured them by making them stand for hours in Heil Hitler salutes and pouring iced water over their naked backs before they were shot dead.

Captain Wilsey also bragged about looting the camp supplies for eight days in an apparent collapse of the rule of law among the troops.

The items he stole included twin sweaters for him and his wife - it is not clear if they were from victims who died in the camp - and Swastika banners he planned to use to decorate their basement.
The letters were reported by the New Republic and come after Daily Mail Online published the details of a new book which also addressed what happened at Dachau.

They cast new light on the actions of US soldiers who were confronted with the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps and offer some insight into how battle-weary troops reacted as the full extent of the atrocities committed in Dachau - and other similar places - were revealed to them.

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