May 5, 2015

Possible, But Not Likely

Years ago I was involved in a trial where an expert medical witness was called to the stand. The defense attorney was desperate to get him to admit that his client's injury claims were in fact grounded in good medical diagnostic practices and that his client was severely injured. The learned doctor would rely over and over again, "That's possible, but not likely." It drove the attorney nuts.

But in the case of the Garland, TX, jihadi attack, the improbable did in fact happen. Thank God a cop with fast reflexes and a steady hand was at the scene.
As online chatter about a Muhammad cartoon contest began to escalate last week, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a Joint Intelligence Bulletin last Thursday. The bulletin acknowledged the potential threat, but downplayed the possibility of any violence targeting the event.

The bulletin concluded that while the event could inspire violence abroad by contributing to terrorist messaging, it was “unlikely” that such violence would happen in the United States.
So much for the so called federal experts. Apparently the experts do not take into account the Muslim male's thirst for virgins and a hearty handshake from Mohammed..

There were probably ATF experts who declared that the Waco massacre was unlikely also.

Story at PJ Media.

The lawyer lost that case I referred to. It was the first time I ever saw a lawyer literally beg a jury for a favorable judgement. The guy had no pride at all and knew his case was circling the drain.


LL said...

I think that we need a lot more of those cartoon drawing meetings (with prizes for the best) to draw the jihadis out of the woodwork.

Doom said...

I tease about being a superman, but the truth is, everyman can be. It isn't about racing around, saving the world, so much as being fit and able and being in the right place at the right time. That's, though, a God thing, in part. He'll get you where you need to be. The rest is on you. Good to see some are ready, able, and obviously willing.

As for the feds, while I am certain their are decent agents, I know we cannot trust that the agencies will see that those assets are in the right place at the right times. Actually, I count on just the opposite.

The FBI showed up just in time to question... the would be victims, in this case. Yeah, and I'll bet they were the real true patriot type of agents that showed. I wonder how many attendees are now on the US domestic enemy list.