May 4, 2015

NOW He's Good

The lawyer who represented one of the idiots killed by police in Garland, TX, in a prior arrest was shocked to earn that her client had been killed while committing an act of terrorism. She had this to say:
The attorney who once defended one of two men who opened fire at a “Draw Muhammad” event in Texas on Sunday says she was “shocked” to learn that he was involved in the attack. She says she has represented a number of people charged with terrorism-related crimes. Some of them are the “worst of the worst,” but Elton Simpson was “one of the good ones,” she said.

“He was always respectful to me and my staff—did everything he was supposed to do,” attorney Kristina Sitton told Vocativ.
With a police round between his eyes, now he's a good one.

Story here.

Critics of the Mohammed art exhibition were up in arms.
The New York Times' foreign correspondent Rukmini Callimachi asked, "Free speech aside, why would anyone do something as provocative as hosting a 'Muhammad drawing contest?' "
It amazes me how the media embraces provocative art like Serrano's "Piss Christ" or Mapplethrope's picture of some guy with a bullwhip stuck up his ass, but blows a gasket when Islam receives the same treatment.


LL said...

They do "draw Jesus" things in every Sunday school in every Christian church in Texas every week.

I think that in the spirit of inclusion we should draw cartoons of Mohammad every week and post them on the Internet.

And the progressive CAIR people can kiss my white, American, Christian ass.

Kid said...

Yep, they're afraid of the moslems but not of the Christians. Yet, Christianity is more or less the same as islam.

It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

underground pewster said...

The media will spin this to be the fault of the cartoonists and never ever dare to point the finger at the prophet and his prophecies.

Steve Kupillas said...

which just goes to show you, that none them are to be trusted.

Doom said...

Yeah, since when has any "art" become insulting? It was actually probably really good art, too.

Hmm... perhaps we should make it illegal to BE insulted? That'd turn the law on those who are insulted by everything. No, not prison... exile. Canada might even take a bunch of them, until they stopped being able to deal with them either. NorK, I'm thinking.