June 19, 2015


Dylann, you gutless drip, how about walking into a black after hours joint and trying your gun play. Better yet, walk into a crack house and start shooting the place up; pit your rad X-Box gunfighter skillz against some pissed off gang bangers who are armed better than you are.

No, instead you sashay your pale skinny ass into a church and kill unarmed people. I hope they lock you away with a cellmate who will use you like rain boots during the monsoon season.
CHARLESTON, S.C. (CBS Atlanta/AP) — The suspect behind the deadly Charleston, South Carolina, church shooting has been caught.

Dylann Storm Roof, 21, was apprehended in Shelby, North Carolina, nearly three hours away from Emanuel AME Church.

Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley says Roof was arrested during a traffic stop.

Roof is accused of killing nine people, including the pastor, at the historically black church. Authorities called it a hate crime. CBS News reports worshippers were at the church at the time for Bible study.

Court records show that Roof has one felony drug case pending against him, a past misdemeanor trespassing charge and no other criminal record in the state.


Doom said...

Oh? I don't see bangers choosing rodeos to rob, hell, they pick 80 year old white women to beat on the head. So, really? I don't care. After a group of them raped, tortured, then murdered a young white couple, pouring bleach down her throat as possibly the last torture or cause of death, while the media was bitching about a rape on a black stipper that on top of that never happened, and no race hate charges are ever filed on them, honestly? I DON'T CARE! Every time I turn around, there it is.

Besides, he walked into superior numbers. Sure aren't seeing cops do that! Considering how so many blacks have criminal records, and are armed anyway, I am extremely surprised he wasn't shot (no matter your, and other, protests that these were fine people). Bullshit. And to have it labeled a hate crime before it even hits the news, while every teorrist act by lone actors and black on white crime is denied as what they are immediately, unless or until someone happens to come forth with overwhelming evidence that those things are exactly what happens.

Don't care. Not at all. If it takes a drugged up stoner to see American is becoming South Africa, the new one... I need to get out of this place.

Kid said...

Mass Murder happens in gun free zones.