June 20, 2015

The Baltimore Chief Of Police Goes Mayberry RFD

It is a well established axiom that a man will say and do just about anything in order to keep a good paying job. The Baltimore Chief of Police, whose salary is $190,000, has brought this to a new level.

Right when Baltimore's murder rate is going through the ceiling and the morale of the police is dropping through the basement,  Chief Batts drops this gem:
“Our reform efforts will very likely see more police officers arrested,” Batts wrote. “We will have more officers who are forced out because their outdated, outmoded views of policing do not match the standards the community expects and demands.”
This is my prediction, many of Baltimore's best, brightest and bravest will be looking for other jobs, or they will use defensive policing tactics - the CYA patrol manual - with a vengeance. Baltimore wants a kinder, gentler police department? Stay tuned.

The NYPD proved that aggressive policing is what drops the crime rate, not touchy-feely community relations. The problem may perhaps be the standards of some officers, but the troubled Baltimore minority community has no standards. Sure, the community leaders and do-gooders come out and dance for the cameras, but when they're gone and the police are no where to be found, that's when the real community standards take over. And we've seen what those are in Baltimore and Ferguson.

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Doom said...

I am guessing, priests can relate. A few criminal peers, no help from higher ranks, and the loudest of troublemakers are criminals, and that seems to pass muster for politicians and the media. None of this is going to end well. Don't know the numbers for cops, but for priests it was one or two percent (though bishops and other higher ups did everything they could to cover it up, which certainly didn't help and wasn't right). Then again, police have union reps.