June 26, 2015

God Gathers His People For The Latter Days

The rise of anti-Semitism throughout Europe is just another indication that our time here on Earth grows short. God is preparing the battleground for the End Days.

Attacks on Jews in France have redoubled Israel's efforts to bring her children back to God's Promised Land; just as prophesied by Jeremiah.
Immigrant Absorption Minister Ze'ev Elkin on Friday called on French Jews to make aliyah to Israel following the beheading attack in the country.

"Come home! Anti-Semitism is growing, terrorism is on the rise and the sickly ISIS activists carry out murders in the light of day. We are prepared to accept the Jews of France with open arms," he said.

"All the forecasts are expecting waves of immigration. I am very glad that the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption centers at the Ben Gurion Airport will be working overtime this summer. The government has provided special budgets and will double them if necessary, this is a primary national mission," added Elkin.
Elkin is merely one of God's tools in accomplishing His will.

Jeremiah spoke of this at the very end of chapter 30 when he wrote:
 "In the latter days you will consider it." 

For in chapter 31 he starts:
“At the same time,” says the Lord, “I will be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be My people.”
and then seven verses later Jeremiah writes:
Behold, I will bring them from the north country,
And gather them from the ends of the earth,
Among them the blind and the lame,
The woman with child
And the one who labors with child, together;
A great throng shall return there.
From the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D until 1947, there was no Jewish nation and the world's Jews were scattered. Today, more than half the world's Jews live in Israel. Israel's efforts to bring all French Jews are long standing as shown in this AP article from June, 2014.
PARIS (AP) — Increasing numbers of French Jews are leaving for Israel, citing dim economic prospects and a sense of being caught between an increasingly influential far right and militant Islam. More than 5,000 are on track to leave this year, the most since after the Six-Day War in 1967.

Israel, seeing the influx as a success, is doubling down on its efforts to attract Europeans, planning to dedicate $29 million over two years to bring in new immigrants.

France has the world's third-largest Jewish population after Israel and the United States - about 500,000, according to rough estimates. The country bans any official documentation of a person's race, religion or ethnicity in a law with roots in French shame over its collaboration with the Nazis.

Since World War II, France has redoubled efforts to make Jewish families feel welcome. But many say dramatic acts of anti-Semitism coupled with France's stagnant economy — which includes a 25 percent youth unemployment rate, compared with 11 percent in Israel — make a hard choice easier.
This does not bode well for France and the rest of Europe, nor indeed any country that strives to drive out God's people. I believe one of the reasons why America was blessed for 200 years was because we allowed the Jews to live here in peace.

We will ultimately face the same thing as the Muslim hordes continue their Obama/DNC inspired invasion. As these heathen Mohammedans (that's what they used to be called) become more numerous, expect to see anti-Semitic activity take a drastic uptick in America. They are driven by Satan's insane hatred of Jews - the people who bore the Messiah, the instrument of Satan's ultimate defeat.


Doom said...

Uhrm. Meh. Israel, currently, is just another state actor, a nation, a government... of of and for man. Such will always call those who it can subject to it's will.

You will know the time. Israel is just another political actor until it rebuilds the temple. That, itself, is not even a guarantee. If it is destroyed in seven years, then prophecy is aligning. But dark times have come before, prophecy has begun to form and then fallen apart, due to the faith of the many. Man will decide his fate.

If you want to know when Christ returns, look for when men have all but lost faith, and most Christians have been murdered. Not even surrendering to secular humanism will save them at that point, if oddly, only holding on dogmatically will spare them in their time. You would think popes, bishops, pastors, rabbis and the rest would know this. Sad thing is, I think they do but their choices and wants, lusts, have lead them astray. Enough astray to bring the end? Time will tell. For your own part, hold to the truth more than you hold to your life. One is an illusion, and really a trinket gift of little value compared to what many have traded it for, along with other seeming comforts.

sig94 said...

Doom -in Matt 24 Jesus is telling the Jews what will happen and how to get through the End Times. There is only three and a half years after the Rapture when the gloves come off and the Tribulation begins - the Second Half of Daniel's 70 weeks.