June 21, 2015

NY Legislature To Vote On Repeal Of The SAFE Act

New York State Republicans, at least some of them, are holding hostage the NYC rent control legislation that Gov. Andrew *spit* Cuomo really, really wants in order to repeal the unconstitutional SAFE Act passed in a shameful midnight session in January of 2013.

We need to get our act together to get the leg to pass this. Meanwhile, a 5-day extension was granted to protect renters from being evicted if the rent control law is not passed. This law affects 2 million renters in NYC. The SAFE Act diminishes the rights of 6 million gun owners. Who will get served?

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Doom said...

Oh, I sure hope they pull that off. The 2 million rent control recipients don't seem to be of the poorer sort. Getting a spot on that gravy train is a way to get ahead in that city. I honestly hope rent control dies, just not if it would give gun rights back. As if they are enforcing, but that isn't always why they pass it. Harassment of some, and eventual full enforcement. Bastards are patient.