August 1, 2015

Crisis In Government: Server Poaching

 It is obvious to all by now that being an email server in the federal government is as dangerous as being a lion in Zimbabwe. The poaching of US government email servers is reaching epidemic proportions.

To combat this alarming trend, a federal judge has issued an order forcing Hillary Clinton and two of her most trusted aides to explain their use of an illegal State Department email server and all pertinent documents in their possession.

Unfortunately Clinton's server has already been killed, meeting the same fate as an IRS server used by Lois Lerner.
[...]The order came in a FOIA lawsuit by Judicial Watch that was re-opened by Judge Sullivan in June after Clinton’s circumvention of the FOIA laws was revealed when news broke of her use of the private server.

Judicial Watch posted the text of the ruling. (Paragraphs added.)

As agreed by the parties at the July 31, 2015 status hearing, the Government shall produce a copy of the letters sent by the State Department to Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Ms. Huma Abedin and Ms. Cheryl Mills regarding the collection of government records in their possession.

These communications shall be posted on the docket forthwith. The Government has also agreed to share with Plaintiff’s counsel the responses sent by Mrs. Clinton, Ms. Abedin and Ms. Mills. These communications shall also be posted on the docket forthwith.

In addition, as related to Judicial Watch’s FOIA requests in this case, the Government is HEREBY ORDERED to:
(1) identify any and all servers, accounts, hard drives, or other devices currently in the possession or control of the State Department or otherwise that may contain responsive information;

(2) request that the above named individuals confirm, under penalty of perjury, that they have produced all responsive information that was or is in their possession as a result of their employment at the State Department. If all such information has not yet been produced, the Government shall request the above named individuals produce the information forthwith;

and (3) request that the above named individuals describe, under penalty of perjury, the extent to which Ms. Abedin and Ms. Mills used Mrs. Clinton’s email server to conduct official government business.
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There sure seems to be a Democrat pattern here.