August 27, 2015

Forget The Drones - Secure Our Borders

Yo Donald - Stick These Along Your Border Fence With Mexico!

We need a few thousand of these cannons on our southern border perched atop a 25 foot high concrete fence.

Remotely operated and targeted - or - activated by infrared/motion to blast anything moving with a temperature of 98.6 F.
Drone-Killing Laser Cannon

Hang on to your drone. Boeing’s developed a laser cannon specifically designed to turn unmanned aircraft into flaming wreckage.

The aerospace company’s new weapon system, which it publicly tested this week in a New Mexico industrial park, isn’t quite as cool as what you see in Star Wars—there’s no flying beams of light, no “pew! pew!” sound effects. But it is nonetheless a working laser cannon, and it will take your drone down.

[...]Instead of a massive laser mounted on a dedicated truck, the compact system is small enough to fit in four suitcase-sized boxes and can be set up by a pair of soldiers or technicians in just a few minutes. At the moment, it’s aimed primarily at driving drones away from sensitive areas.
"At the moment" sez he. I can dream up another moment for a different kind of drone.
The new system is more scalpel than sledgehammer. It's laser, and, especially, the off-the-shelf gimbal (a fancy motor that can aim the laser and camera in any direction) it’s mounted on, make it precise enough to target different parts of a UAV.
How about using this scalpel to target the ass end of a taco-fueled, anchor-baby seeking, stealth  beaner drone?
Want to zap the tail so it crashes and then you can go retrieve the mostly intact drone and see who is trying to spy on you? Can do.
Mostly intact Mexicans crashing back across the Rio Grande into their home country with their tails zapped ...
Border security and a light show. Whatta deal.

Donald ... this is it. Your moment.

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Kid said...

Technology is leap-frogging even the average smart person's ability to keep up.
Needless to say I like your idea.

sig94 said...

There is no reason why this can't be done.

Wait, oh yeah, idiots and traitors ...