August 24, 2015

Back From The Brink

North and South Korea have stepped back from the precipice.

 [Cue Barry MacGuire singing, "On The Eve Of Destruction"]

Civilization is now free to crumple all on its own with no assistance from the elimination of cheap, but reliable, electronics and dead uncles. From the NY Post:
South Korea says it has agreed to halt propaganda broadcasts at noon after North Korea expressed regret over a recent land mine blast that maimed two South Korean troops.

South Korean presidential security adviser Kim Kwan-jin made the announcement in a televised briefing early Tuesday, after more than 30 hours of talks with North Korea ended.

The talks were the second round of negotiations the rival Koreas began Saturday after events at their heavily guarded border pushed them to the brink of a possible military confrontation.
Instead of loudspeaker propaganda, South Korea has commenced television broadcasts of old episodes of  "Doogie Jong: Teenage Dictator."

And the beat goes on.

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