August 23, 2015

I'll Take Earplugs for $400 Alex

The past week's hostilities between North and South Korea was caused by these puppies:

In retaliation, the North Koreans started their own loudspeaker propaganda attacks.
The North’s broadcasts mark the restoration of inter-Korean propaganda warfare along the border after the two Koreas stopped the practice in 2004 as part of their efforts to ease animosities. Other practices, including leafleting and the operation of frontline billboards, remain suspended, according to Seoul officials.

North Korea’s action also came as Seoul and Washington launched annual military drills that Pyongyang calls an invasion rehearsal. South Korean and U.S. officials have said that the drills are purely defensive in nature.

While the South Korean propaganda blared pop music, news and descriptions of  Jong Un's bad haircuts, the North Koreans' brand of propaganda consisted of criticism directed at Seoul, recipes for mud soup and some symphony music composed by Leader For Life Kim Jong Un, "Ode To The People's Cabbages."

Apparently North Korea has deployed  most of its submarine fleet. South Korea is getting nervous.

The mystery of 50 missing North Korean submarines deepened fears yesterday over Pyongyang’s threat to fire across the border.

South Korea yesterday said the submarines, comprising about 70 per cent of a North Korean submarine fleet, had left their home ports and were nowhere to be found.

US and South Korean reconnaissance planes and naval vessels searched yesterday off the east and west coasts of the Korean peninsula for the submarines. Military officials said deployment of the submarines was the largest in the region since the Korean War.

The question is whether the 50 submarines, 1,400-ton Romeo-class and 1,000-ton Whiskey-class vessels, have orders to target commercial or naval vessels – or are just putting on a show of force. “No one knows,” said a military spokesman. “We are mobilising all our surveillance resources.”


LL said...

Those subs are very old and emit a lot of noise.

Doom said...

That is such childishness. Seriously? They don't have better things to do, or more refined ways to deal with things?

sig94 said...

We are obviously not dealing with a super power adversary here. Reminds me of the Fieval Russian mouse cartoon (There Are No Cats In America) where Maeline Kahn screams "Wewease The Secret Weapon!"