August 5, 2015

Trump Trumps

Don't start a pissing match with a guy who owns twenty thousand urinals.

From the Blaze:
Gawker Published Donald Trump’s Number to Annoy Him — the Next Day, the GOP Candidate Made Sure Their Plan Backfired

A day after Gawker published his personal cellphone number, Donald Trump pulled out a trick of his own to get even.
The billionaire businessman and 2016 Republican presidential candidate tweeted out the number Tuesday to encourage his more than 3 million social media followers to give him a call.
He changed his personal cell phone greeting into a campaign message. Now everyone calling him gets a greeting from the Donald campaigning for himself.


LL said...


Kid said...

I noticed that. :)
Not that I trust Trump as far as I could throw him.

Doom said...

He, I think, could win most contests. I am not sure if that is his want. And there are contests he can't win. I think back to Paul, and Perot. I am not sure of Paul, but I am almost absolutely sure Perot could have won. Remember, he just stopped campaigning for a while? I, personally, think he was told to back off or it would get very ugly (for him, for his, for the US, for business, for social... personal or not). I suspect that if Trump looks like he is doing too well, he will be... advised... just the same. He will most likely be used to end the risk of even a nominal candidate from the GOP winning. He will be used as a splitter, if he continues to be successful. Whether he knows in now or not, or likes it.


Trust? Trusting politicians is like trusting the weather, a woman, or... pretty much anything. You might get lucky. It isn't about trust, to me. It is about supporting or not who might do what is better, and be less influenced by what is bad, evil, and more (the least). On that note, I have to admit, I no longer vote. Politics is not a part of my life. If Trump, or Perry, or even Walker, are as good as it gets, then it isn't good enough. Don't believe a "democracy", in which the politicians are chosen before the vote, is a way to freedom or you are more doomed than I ever was. *wink*

Kid said...

Doom, I should have been more ellucidating. It could very well be that trump is working with the clinton's to split the vote and ensure the dem gets in. I wouldn't bet much against that idea. He has contributed heavily to the beast's senate campaign, Kerry, and obama...

Voting? it's a free country somewhat. I have yet to vote For someone, I only vote against democrats tho I will vote in the dem primary so I can vote against the beast twice.