August 5, 2015


After an all night binge on beer, pizza and peyote, an Indonesian charity decided to give their "world peace" award to North Korea's Psychopath-in-Chief Kim Jong-un.
Sukarno Education Foundation insists claims of human rights abuse in North Korea are "Western propaganda"

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is no stranger to dubious accolades and has already been crowned Supreme Military Commander, National Defence Chairman and First Secretary of the Worker's Party.

This week, it emerged that Mr Kim is to receive yet another prestigious title - though for once it has not been bestowed by the North Korean state.
All members of the North Korean World Peace Award Committee were executed last month in a sudden outbreak of western propaganda.
Instead he is in line for an international award extolling his "peace, justice and humanity" thanks to an Indonesian charity.

It is the second unusual award to be bestowed upon the North Korean leader, who was crowned TIME magazine's Person of the Year in 2012 after the public vote was hijacked by internet pranksters.
Story here.
North Korean President Until-He's-Not Jong-un inspects the latest ultimate weapon of mass destruction by which he will rule the planet – the "Ramen Butterscotch Noodles Of Death.” The noodle technician and his family were immediately taken outside the factory and subjected to western propaganda.


LL said...

Where is his Nobel Peace Prize for not nuking South Korea?

sig94 said...

LL - I think he's afraid to hurt Psy, that chubby Gangnam singer guy who could pass for Jong-un in a pinch.

Doom said...

My guess is money talks. Doesn't take much. Indonesia you say? And, isn't it muslim? By their standards, I would guess little Kimmy would fit right in. His father, and since such things run in families, was very likely a strict pedophile. Nothing like handing out pain and mental torment in every way, if you are a murderous tyrant. For a foreigner, to a muslim, he is nearly home brew.