September 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton - Simply Unelectable

Here ya go LL


Gorges Smythe said...

I think I'd prefer a nice peaceful version using Nat King Cole's "Unforgetable"

Doom said...

I liked it, Sig. Let Cole rot. :p

The only reason she isn't electable, actually, has nothing to do with her politics. She fits her party perfectly, and actually is good enough for a plurality of Americans. The problem is the cat fight between her and Zero, one she is losing... urhm, lost. A white woman, even if a lesbian or bi or whatever, simply put, is less of a minority than a gay muslim half negro. She looses the x.x minority card trump game. Now if she was a black lesbi... nah. I think Zero is the winner in the race for the bottom card game. He is even just a nerd wannabe, all the helmet and safety gear, minus an actual ability to be in a prestigious college. No ability to do anything he did, white billionaire grandparents who he hated covered it all. Unless they figure out how to make a cockroach electable. It's possible, just not quite yet.

LL said...

This may be your finest effort EVER!!!!