September 10, 2015

The Corps Ain't What It Used To Be

According to the Marine Corps Times, Marine brass have ruled out arming recruiters following July's deadly shooting rampage in Tennessee by Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez.

The ISIS-inspired jihadist opened fire on several military recruiting officers stationed in a strip mall before attacking a military base a few minutes away.

Abdulazeez killed four Marines and a sailor before police and a Navy commander, who happened to be carrying a sidearm at the time, fired back and killed him.
Will the Corps arm their brave Marines in order that they protect themselves from attack?

Not exactly. As a matter of fact, not at all.
The Pentagon will instead "protect" recruiters from future ambushes by training them to "take cover or evacuate in the event of an attack." It also will provide them with "movable shields or desk partitions" that they can duck behind to dodge AK-47 rounds.
Might as well have them also carry tampons so they can stuff something in their bullet holes while hiding behind their partitions. Pink partitions, paint them pink. WTF....

If only Chesty Puller could come back from the dead....

Story here.


Kid said...

Another potential solution is open season on moslems.
Add a $50 reward for each one turned in and $200 if they're dressed in a burka.

LL said...

I like Kid's solution better.


sig94 said...

Same here LL.