September 9, 2015

Cait and Bubba

Let me tell you all a story ’bout a trannie called Cait
An Olympic athlete who couldn’t stay straight
Cait was driving too fast while messing with his phone
He rear-ended some old lady and into traffic she was thrown.
Cait drivin’ an Escalade
Got her T-boned he did

Well the next thing you know ole Cait is facin’ time
‘Cause killing old ladies in California is a crime
Manslaughter is the charge that will put him into stir
And now he’ll regret that he changed into a her.
Bubba’s waitin’ for ya
Y’all bring KY
Ya hear?


Kid said...

Good Stuff Sig. Is Bruce really going to jail?

Doom said...


That would surprise me. Though since Bruce refuses to endorse "gay marriage" (don't ask me, I don't make this stuff up), the liberal operators may feel obliged to crush him for his sins. Cali is so messed up, top to bottom, and totally politicized (though money does still talk), that what happens there is something akin to what happens in Las Vegas. My only wish is that it would all stay where it happens in secret. Bleh.

In other words, I think he will buy his way out, it will just cost more since he isn't obeying the thought-police on queerism in full.

sig94 said...

Kid - who knows? It is a misdemeanor manslaughter charge so I imagine he'll get probation. But then again the Powers That Be may want to send a message.....

sig94 said...

Doom - might could be. With a state like that you can toss common sense and legal precedent out the window.