November 6, 2015

ISIS Strikes Back

British intelligence claims that the Russian jet liner that exploded over Egypt was destroyed by a terrorist device. Putin is upset at this disclosure as it may indicate that his intervention in Syria is responsible for the deaths of 224 civilians.
British spies intercepted intelligence suggesting the Sinai air disaster was caused by an Islamic State bomb, it emerged last night.

It prompted the Government to immediately ground flights to the resort, and they could be suspended for weeks – leaving 130,000 Britons who have booked winter sun trips in limbo.

[...]Such a development would be a political disaster for Moscow, which would face allegations it failed to protect its own citizens.
Story here.


Doom said...

While I am definitely not a fan of Putin, blaming terrorism on his actions is no better than when those weird Americans blame terrorism on our reasonable, perhaps weak even, reaction to their attack on our citizens. Terrorist will do what they do. If anything, Putin and the West have been far too weak, which might actually encourage the behavior. Muslims do understand punishment. Unfortunately, the requirement isn't mere punishment, but because of how many 'extra men' they have, men who will never be able to marry, either they are allowed to murder themselves into foreign territories and rape themselves to wives, or they are eradicated. Something neither the West, or even Putin, are quite willing or fully able to do.

No, it wasn't Putin's fault. Even though I don't care for dictators, which Putin is, I do prefer to keep some things straight, especially terrorism. It is true, Putin is on, technically, the wrong side in Syria. But truth be told, there isn't a good side to be on. The US is on the worst side, Putin is on the less worst side. Muslims have to be mistreated by dictators or they become worse, such as Iran. Messy.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Simple, turn the med east to glass.

Doom said...

Yeah? But they want the oil, Odie. Not only for production, but as an economic instrument to fiddle with the rest of the economies. Oil is more of an economic instrument than even a simple industrial expendable. Currently being used to rip off the middle class in America through excessive costs. The .gov must be "taxing" suppliers, afraid to actually impose a direct tax on gas. Or gasoline would be in the $1.75 range, or less.