November 5, 2015

It Just Ain't Me

A corrupt NYS politician defends himself in court by maintaining that since everybody else is corrupt, it just isn't a crime anymore. Call it the "Me Too Defense."
It’s not just Sheldon Silver on trial in Manhattan federal court: It’s the whole system.

Silver’s defense is that corruption is the bread and butter of New York politics — so how can it be a crime?

The prosecution says Silver, for decades the state’s second-most-powerful official, “picked the people’s pocket to line his own.”

To which Silver’s team answers, So what?

“It’s impossible, absolutely impossible,” argued defense lawyer Steven Molo, “for a member of the Assembly to . . . do the job that a person in the Assembly does and not have some sort of conflict of interest.

“That may make you uncomfortable,” he added, “but that is the system New York has chosen, and it is not a crime.”
Story here.


Kid said...

For the third time tonight I write:

Feeding Frenzy of the Losers.

Doom said...
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Doom said...

The problem is, for Democrats and now seemingly Republicans, in local to federal, he is telling the truth. Who gets arrested and of those who gets prosecuted is a matter of blind luck, or disfavor by the majority of other crooks in office, or fatter cats. I would say it started with Dems and has leeched into Repubs through the 'big umbrella' concept. Now they are pretty much the same party. Some are worse, in some areas. New York? As soon as NYC gained control of state politics it was over for that state. When someone like Weiner, who beside being a creep sexual predator type who was married to an islamist traitor, and was barely removed from office (probably only at Hitlery's insistence no less), you really do have to think.

Further? He isn't talking to us. He is telling the judge to quick the charade. The judge has been bought, then performed, more often than the 'girls on the strip'. The prosecutor has too. Yeah, there are problems. Not sure they can be fixed without a lot of... backroom deals that go very bad for the crooked involved. Being a cop, you may or may not know how, sometimes, it has to be done when someone gets too big or the courts are bought. Justice can't be depended upon from a single source.