November 6, 2015

It's Time Again.

The idiots are getting bolder and bolder. I had an incident last week with three black shitheads youths as I was leaving the courthouse. I was really tempted to smack one of them who jumped in front of my face waving his arms and shouting. The kid apparently was high as a kite and was screaming gibberish to the delight of his fellow idiots. They ran down the street pummeling parked police cars. I was standing next to two female prosecutors and didn't want to get involved in a ruckus and have them hurt so I ignored them. Then this afternoon as I was leaving a detective told me about an incident he had in the exact same spot this week with another group of young blacks. He threatened to beat the crap out of them and they took off. He told me I was nuts not to be carrying in the courthouse these days.

I am going to approach my boss about wearing a gun to work. As a contractor doing investigations I had special permission from the courts to do this but I let it lapse. It's been 17 years: it's time again.

Because cops are pulling back in their aggressive enforcement effort, the idiots are running amok. The shootings in our city are going through the roof. The FBI director commented on this recently and was rebuked by the White House. Now the DEA chief stepped up to the plate and took a swing at Obama and his circus clowns.
WASHINGTON — The nation's top drug enforcement official said Wednesday that FBI Director James Comey was "spot on'' when he recently offered the controversial assessment that violent crime surges in some cities may be linked to police officers' reluctance to engage suspects.

"I think there is something to it,'' Drug Enforcement Administration chief Chuck Rosenberg told reporters, referring to the so-called "Ferguson-effect'' in which police have been reportedly hesitant to act for fear of prompting the kind of civil unrest that engulfed Ferguson, Mo., last year. "I think (Comey) was spot on.''

Comey's remarks during appearances last month in Chicago put the FBI director at odds with some in law enforcement and the White House, which indicated that existing evidence did not support such a claim.

"I will say that the available evidence at this point does not support the notion that law enforcement officers around the country are shying away from fulfilling their responsibilities,'' White House spokesman Josh Earnest said last week. "On the contrary, I think you’ve seen a lot of local law enforcement leaders indicate that police officers and sheriffs and other local law enforcement officials are actually dedicated public servants who on a daily basis are putting their lives on the line to serve and protect the communities that they’re assigned to.''
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I already qualified with my Glock .45 (mod.. 30) and my S&W .380 in August.  I'm good to go.


Ian H said...

It's tough when life comes to this! Unfortunately, it's even too late for "vigilante" justice.

Kid said...

I'd definitely carry if I was you.

Doom said...

You might have a choice to arm up, many of us don't. Me, simply because, as a vet, I wanted them to take over my finances while I was really ill once as it turns out (Now I have my bank doing the same thing, mind you). This is a choice, all the way around, from enabling criminals to disabling even right self defense. Heaven or earth, these politicians will pay.