January 18, 2016

The RNC Tells NBC To Pound Sand

The Republican National Committee finally grew a pair.
The Republican National Committee (RNC) officially voted on Monday afternoon to sever its business relationship with NBC News for the previously-scheduled Feb. 26, 2016, GOP presidential primary debate, Breitbart News has learned.
This is quite a slap in the face and will cost NBC big time in lost revenue. I wouldn't let NBC, or any of the major nets for that matter, moderate a junior high school gay slap fest.


LL said...

It's about time.

Ian H said...

At last, some good news!

Fredd said...

Reinz Preibus vowed to do this last election cycle. Looks like he is a man of his word, with the exception of agreeing to let CNBC take cheap shots at our guys.

But he wised up. Finally. The good guys finally made a good call.

Euripides said...

Well, at least we won't have to listen to their inane questions. All that is left now is to find a Republican candidate who isn't a blowhard or a weenie.

Kid said...

Yea, about Damn Time. Now to find a Conservative venue. Anyone?