January 17, 2016

She's Now In Brooklyn

Yesterday my wife (Mummsie) and I moved our youngest daughter to the Bushwick section of Brooklyn. I haven't driven in lower Manhattan in decades (1980?) and haven't been in Brooklyn since I was a teen, about 55 years ago. Pieces of old memories kept drifting in and out of my mind making it hard to concentrate on the Garmin and my daughter's instructions from the back seat. I had forgotten what a PITA it is to drive in NYC.

The Mapquest instructions had me drive through Newark to get to Brooklyn. I could swear I saw Dante with a copy of his Inferno tucked under one arm begging for a hand out on one of the intersections. What a depressing city.

Still, driving through Jersey City and heading for the Holland Tunnel and seeing the Manhattan skyline is quite a site.  I don't see how the cops can get anywhere in Manhattan, what a traffic zoo. Lower Manhattan is quite narrow but it still took about twenty minutes to drive to the Manhattan Bridge  and cross over to Brooklyn. Got on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (much better traffic) and drove into Bushwick. Incredibly enough, we were able to find a parking space right in front of her building.

It was a glorious day in Brooklyn, a balmy fifty degrees. Her room is on the third floor - about the size of a big walk-in closet. She shares two bathrooms and a kitchen with four other people, all young professionals. It's not for me. For what she's paying I could almost rent a house in central NY. We were there for a few hours, said our good-byes and left.

Mummsie was rather depressed. We had just moved our youngest chick and now the hen house is empty. There were five females at one time here and now she's the only one. There are only faint echoes of the waves of estrogen that used to waft through our home.

The ride home was uneventful with just a touch of rain and snow. We got a call from our girl who was also feeling depressed and lonely. Mummsie bucked her up a bit.

Upon returning to Syracuse, I managed to catch the last twenty minutes of the Chiefs/Patriots game. I watched all but the last three minutes of the Packers/Cardinals game but couldn't keep my eyes open after all that driving. Kissed Mummsie good night and toddled off to bed.

Of course this morning she couldn't wait to tell me what a great ending I missed.



Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You too? I fell asleep during the last few minutes of the game. I looked it up on the NFL app on my iPad and couldn't believe it. I forgot I could watch it too, so later I will.

You and LL have cornered the market on daughters. My wife is one of four daughters too. That New York City and Brooklyn thing wigs me out. I was there once in 1965 and that place I'll never understand. I'd sell it back to the Indians at a loss.

sig94 said...

Love my girls Odie. Got to get used to the quiet now. Still, the two married ones live only minutes away.

Kid said...

I haven't been to Brooklyn, but I will testify that Newark IS the asshole of the USA.

sig94 said...

Kid - I have always flown over or around Newark, never driven through it. I believe Newark is the bleeding, crusted hemorrhoid on the asshole of America.

Kid said...

And you'd be right.