March 6, 2016

Hillary's Health Report

If you want the real lowdown on Hillary Clinton's health, you'll have to wait for her pre-prison sentencing report.

Right now she states that she's more than well enough for the stressful duties of the Oval Office.

Standing before a judge she'll claim that she's too sick for a walker-assisted stroll in the exercise yard plus she's allergic to barbed wire, bad food and tattoos...

Count on it.


LL said...

I think that the old "concussion" that caused her to be unable to testify before Congress regarding Benghazi for SIX MONTHS will reappear. You're dead on target with this.

Kid said...


Euripides said...

The good news is that she'll be able to choose either the men's or women's toilets in prison, depending on which gender identity she picks for the day.