March 9, 2016

Lt. General White Privilege

This happy horseshit will be the end of us. The Army has gone off the deep end. It's like the Crips and Bloods have assumed command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained documents from the United States Department of the Army revealing that in April 2015, 400 soldiers in the 67th Signal Battalion at Fort Gordon, Georgia, were subjected to a “white privilege” briefing, including a PowerPoint presentation instructing the attendees: “Our society attaches privilege to being white and male and heterosexual …”

The slideshow also informed the soldiers: “Race privilege gives whites little reason to pay a lot of attention to African Americans.” It alleged that there are unspecified “powerful forces everywhere” keeping different kinds of people from being valued, accepted, and appreciated, but “we act as if it doesn’t exist.” This alleged privilege creates a “yawning divide” in income, wealth, and dignity. The material described a mythical African woman who isn’t aware that she’s black until she comes to America, encounters “white racism” and discovers the U.S. is “organized according to race.”
If Gen. Patton were still alive he'd be fixing to ram his ivory gripped .45's up someone's ass. And I don't mean mother-of-pearl grips, that's for pimps.


Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel said...

Yikes! This is one of the worst cases of political correctness / multiculturalism I've heard!

The White House criminal ID forgery fraud, aka Obama, has certainly contaminated the U.S. Military!

There is no reason to wonder why Vets have multiple problems to deal with, once they leave this cauldron of insanity!

sig94 said...

Prof - our daughter's contract with the Army expires next January. She'll have 8 years in and we're praying she gets out.

Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel said...

Sig94 - I hope for your sake and your daughter's sake she will get out. I cringe when I think that criminal ID forgery fraud, aka Obama is the Commander-in-Chief, directing Americans to promulgate his world-wide terrorist agenda!

Obama’s World-Wide Terrorism

sig94 said...

Nathan - we just spoke to her (she's in Germany, thank the Lord for the internet) and she is declining her next assignment to Florida and therefore will not be allowed to re-enlistment. She is looking to get into a Guard unit in a state near NY. She'll be out next January.