April 3, 2016

Final Four Lament

T’was after the Final Four and all through our place
We were feeling real down, we had a long face
The Tar Heels had won there wasn’t a doubt
They played a good game and now Syracuse was out.
So then off to bed, disappointed and tired
Sleep was what’s needed, rest was required.
When all of a sudden at 7 am I arose
I looked out the window and I shouted “Oh noes!”
All was covered in snow as far as I could see!
An inch or two had fallen, perhaps maybe three!
The wind was a’blowing! The snow it was drifting!
And I shuddered at the thought of the snow I’d be lifting.
“I’ve had enough! I bid you good day!”
“I’m going back to bed. I’ll see you in May!”

There's now about six inches of snow in front of my house.

In any event....

Go 'Nova!

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