April 8, 2016

It Rots From The Head

New York City Mayor William de Blasio has succeeded; he has reached the pinnacle of Democratic political success by attracting a major federal corruption investigation. He can now say he is as important as Hillary Clinton.
With subpoenas issued, investigations spreading and at least one federal grand jury at work, the question isn’t whether Bill de Blasio’s administration has a corruption problem. The questions are how big is the problem, how many agencies are tainted and how high up the pecking order does it go?

The preliminary answers are worrisome. A small army of investigators, including the FBI, is on the hunt, and all roads appear to lead straight to Mayor Putz.

The two biggest and most recent scandals involve lucrative gifts and cash given to current and former top officers in the NYPD, and the removal of a deed restriction and sale of a city-owned Manhattan building that netted private investors a cool $72 million profit.

[...] As the incidents multiply, with the mayor’s city and state Democratic allies joining the probes, we are long past the suggestion threshold. A little more than two years into de Blasio’s term, an integrity reckoning is overdue.
Wow, only two years as Mayor and already he stinks like a dead fish.

Story here.


Doom said...

The ones who aren't influenced by money are influenced by something else. Even if that influence has good intent, so... at least to any who will listen, does the devil himself. While graft and such are one level more of criminality... Our governor bumps things, then our state congress doesn't follow up when it clearly has the votes to override a veto. And I don't like it any more than you do. Stinks like fish is right.

sig94 said...

Doom - Based on the number of indicted politicians, NYS received recognition as the most corrupt state in the union. But that could be because of the sheer number of politicians we have compared to, say, Idaho. If the Mayor of Boise did the same thing I doubt the Post would be dedicating a lot of space to the story.

Still, de Blasio is corrupt and he controls the comfort and security of over 8 million people/

Kid said...

Could a mayor of NYC NOT stink like dead fish? I say no.