April 1, 2016

Never Mind Mexicans, Could We Stop Godzilla?

Over the years I have lost a great deal of sleep worrying about our Beloved Nation being overrun by our enemies. And by monsters; gigantic, radioactive halitosis, shambling freaks of nature that seem fixed on destroying our major cities. Luckily there are civic minded leaders who also are concerned and have made plans to protect us.
Godzilla. Kings of the monsters. The original Kaiju. Born of humanity’s hubris, it comes from the depths of the Pacific ocean. It comes to wreak havoc. It comes to kill. Some of the more soft-hearted elements of the American military wish to weaponize the beast. Fools! The creature must be destroyed.

But how?

The U.S. Air Force’s 18th Wing in Japan—America’s largest combat wing—thinks it would have no problem felling the beast. Senior Airman Mark Hermann told Air & Space magazine he could destroy the monster with “.50-caliber [machine guns], four helicopters.” He thinks Godzilla is a joke.

He’s wrong. Godzilla is a force of nature. The mighty King of Monsters would shrug off a mere four helicopters armed with machine guns.

There are people in the military taking seriously the threat of giant atomic-powered lizards emerging from the Pacific Ocean.
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LL said...

Godzilla is a product of global warming.

If we pay more taxes, the weather will become less Godzilla-friendly and Tokyo will be spared.