March 29, 2016

America, You Know What To Do

The Jewish World Review has something to say to Americans whose panties are all up in a wad.
[...]If there are riots to come then they will come from the Democrats who’ve crossed over to Trump in despair at their own pitiful candidates. Conservatives don’t riot. They may sulk but they don’t riot. They were not there in 1968 at the Democrat convention. Conservatives don’t have progressive terrorists like Bill Ayers in their membership. Conservatives aren’t looking for cradle to grave support from the government. Conservatives want a smaller government that will protect them against invaders not invite them in to rob and attack the innocent. Conservatives want a government that will allow citizens the right to defend themselves as written in the constitution. Conservatives want the government and bureaucrats to leave them alone.

Underneath all the sturm and drang of this political season is the one true fact that seems to get lost in the shuffle. It is that America is still the greatest country on earth because it is still free and it will become even stronger and greater if the electorate would just do its homework and vote smart.
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H/T Lucianne.


Kid said...

Seriously, when have we heard of violent protests/protestors at hildebeast or sanders campaign rallies? Nada.

Conservatives do not do the violence.

Come on libtards, try to get your head out of your colon.

commoncents said...

Ben Shapiro Engages in Tense Back-and-Forth With Pro-Choice Student: Explain When Life Begins