April 15, 2016

We Can Do This Again Mayor de Blasio

I love this picture! Lee Alexander in cuffs being escorted by FBI agent Phil Looney, March 1989, in a continuing federal grand jury investigation of political corruption in Syracuse.

I remember back in July of 1987 when the feds indicted ex-Syracuse Mayor Lee Alexander for bribery (actually 40 counts of extortion, income tax evasion, racketeering and conspiracy). It was a slow process up to that point but when it broke, it went fast. We had been angling for an investigation of this thieving slob for years and when it finally happened, we were ecstatic. Alexander spent nearly six years in a federal prison.

July 2013, Mayoral hopeful de Blasio arrested for protesting hospital closures

Now almost thirty years later, I imagine that NYPD cops are feeling the same way; there is a growing recognition, a tingly anticipation that Mayor de Blasio will eventually get fitted for bracelets and an orange jumpsuit. Again.

From the Post:
Well, that didn’t take long: Mayor de Blasio has now lawyered up in the ever-widening federal corruption probe by US Attorney Preet Bharara.

To be sure, attorney Barry Berke officially represents the mayor’s 2013 election campaign, and he was officially asked only to reach out to Bharara’s office and offer to help “in any way that we can.”

But it’s another sign that things may be getting increasingly uncomfortable for the folks at City Hall.

And that de Blasio is facing what every public official involved in such investigations dreads: the constant drip-drip-drip of slowly leaking disclosures.

This as the mayor was forced to amend his earlier attempt to downplay his ties to Juda Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg, the two civilians reportedly at the heart of a probe that also includes possible high-level NYPD corruption.

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Kid said...

Put em away man. One look at that sucker and you know he is guilty.