April 12, 2016

Maryland Pays The Price For Political Correctness

 Beretta's beautiful brand new facility

Beretta is opening a new manufacturing facility in Tennessee after abandoning its American base of operations in Maryland.
Gun maker Beretta USA is opening a new factory on Friday, the culmination of generous land and tax offers in Tennessee and restrictive gun laws at its old Maryland location.

Beretta USA is holding a ribbon cutting ceremony at the recently built facility in Gallatin, Tennessee, on April 15, having moved all manufacturing from Maryland.

The new factory is 160,000 square feet, compared to 115,000 square feet if left behind, said Gabriele de Plano, vice president of defense marketing and operations for Beretta USA.

"We've got plenty of space to expand as well," he said.

He said the new factory is on a 100 acre plot that will feature an outdoor shooting range, unlike the old factory, which had a range in the basement.

Beretta is an Italian gun maker that has been manufacturing guns in Maryland since the 1980s, when it started providing arms to the U.S. military, which required them to be American-made.
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Gorges Smythe said...

Maybe it's time that Christian performers and businessmen start thinking that way about states like North Carolina.

LL said...

I have no idea why any businesses that manufacture (and can do so anywhere) do it in the New England States, New York, California, Illinois, etc.

Euripides said...

Unfortunately, if the current PC trends continue, there will be no place to hide from the loony left.

Doom said...

The hope is, as Beretta and others move, the auxiliaries for them also move. I have heard it called the cascade.


No worries, truly. If lefties go too far in certain areas they will be driven out, one way or another. While I have seen problems that do give me pause, I have also seen problems beginning to disappear. There is a war coming, if I think it will be a very short one. Just how many congressmen and judges can be tarred and feathered on the head of a needle before the need goes away? :p

Kid said...

This is the way to deal with them. Take their money away and sue them (the libtards) any chance you get.

Kid said...

LL, Exactly. Why?

Move out and starve them of money.

sig94 said...

I'm surprised Kimber is still in NY. Remington is slowly moving operations down south, Alabama I believe.

Doom said...


Probably promises to not prosecute and old money ties. When that fails, and it will... I actually hope gun shops which stay in lib zones end up having even execs go to prison and are bankrupted. That really is the goal and the risk they are taking. If you see a CEO, other senior officers, and even board members, along with rank and file, ending up in prison, the moves will become much quicker. Old money doesn't do well against the mob, and the Whisky Petes don't play anywhere nearly as rough as their Capone replacements.