June 21, 2016

I Remember

I remember waiting for our daughter to get home from her second deployment to that raging shithole on the other side of the world.

As a father there is no feeling quite like seeing your child home and safe again. This was taken at Ft. Bragg in October of 2013.

 And of course mummsy got some too.


LL said...

Family is everything.

Euripides said...

As I get ever older, all that I have and care about is my family. And my iPad. No, wait. scratch that. The family is definitely more important.

Kid said...

Everyone I knew who were deployed there came back. A blessing.

I can't imagine that knock on the door and uniforms on the other side.

sig94 said...

Kid - I was that knock on the door. I once had to make a death notification to a parent whose son was killed by a drunk driver. Waking a man up at 0300 and watching him crumble....

I later found out that his other son was killed in Vietnam.

deborah harvey said...

women military, although trained for combat 'just in case', have no place in combat.
the world has gone crazy.
[can you tell that i am old?],
but that doesn't make me wrong!

sig94 said...

Deborah - she is in SIGINT which is a support, not a combat role. But she does have a Combat Action Badge from her first deployment to Afghanistan.

I agree, woman should not be in combat. If it was a good idea it would have been done millennia ago.

Kid said...

Sig, Damn. That has to be one of the hardest things to do. With the way they drive (and crash) around here, no doubt some officers have had to do that more than a few times.

I always start off with the utmost respect when encountering an officer. Which fortunately isn't often and I can say I've never had to deal with a policeman that I didn't come away that didn't deserve that respect. Professional at the worst, downright friendly at the best. Thought I'd toss that in. They're getting a bad rap because of a small % these days imo.

sig94 said...

Kid - we get our police officers from the general population, not from a clone factory in Idaho. As the moral standing of the general population declines, so does our recruiting base. We've always had a small percentage of idiots, perverts, thieves and rascals enter the blue, but now I fear it's getting worse.