June 21, 2016

No White Trash In The White House

A new book authored by a former White House Secret Service protective agent has got the Hillary camp all riled up. From the Daily Mail:
Secret Service agent to release tell-all book about the Clinton White House and the culture that 'sickened' him

  • Gary Byrne says he was posted outside Bill Clinton's Oval Office in 1990s
  • Was one of the agents who testified to a grand jury about Monica Lewisnky
  • Complained about her behavior and 'out of hours' access to the West Wing
  • Releasing book so voters understand the 'real' Clinton before the election
  • Reports say his expose is causing deep concern in the White House
  • The release of the book comes a month before the Democratic convention
  • Secret Service agents have openly discussed protecting Hillary in the past
  • Investigative journalist Ron Kessler said agents detested Hillary

The major networks are blackballing this, of course, but it's already a #1 best seller and it hasn't even hit the stores yet (it goes on sale June 28).

In one story, Byrne relates how Hillary threw a bible and hit another agent in the back of his head.

The typical liberal blogs are foaming at the mouth over this.

Lets see how Hillary and her handlers handle it. Byrne has an impeccable reputation in the Service and others have praised him.

Then again, maybe he turns up dead in Fort Marcy Park with a naked ten year old Haitian refugee on his lap. Just sayin'.

1 comment:

deborah harvey said...

he doesn't have a snowball's chance and his family isn't safe either.
it may take a while as his death now would open another can of worms, but 'they' will get him.