June 5, 2016

It's Just Too Much

I took some time to review my last posts.

It's like ... all Clinton/Obama all the time.

Ugh. Too much!

So here's a kitty.

Awwww. And here's some puppies!

And here's some soulless, lying sons of bitches who are flushing this Nation down history's crapper.


Kid said...

Heh. go to LOLCATS

Ian H said...

Hey, I'm Canadian,eh. But will I ever be glad when this abomination called "American Primaries" is over! I am fed up with the name calling, covering up, and plain lying going on. America is in trouble and will remain so until God, THE GOD, is allowed back into schools, the society and the Country. FWIW.

deborah harvey said...

what i want to know is, where is this corruption going to live with its pestiferous offspring when the drainage of this country is complete. do they have secret luxury palaces n some foreign country?