June 10, 2016

Don't Bother The ATF, They're Too Busy Selling Guns To The Cartels

Katie Couric's slanted piece on gun control - Katie and her producer admitted that they had a staffer commit a "straw purchase" of a firearm by sending him out of state to buy guns in Arizona in direct violation of federal law.

You may remember that Mayor Bloomberg screamed bloody murder about straw purchases ten years ago and the laws haven't changed.

From Fox News on May, 16, 2006:
A day earlier the mayor announced the city was suing 15 out-of-state gun dealers for what he said are violations of gun purchase laws caught on undercover videotape. In the sting operation, a person would complete paperwork and a background check while purchasing a gun only to give the firearm to someone else, commonly called a "straw purchase."
Still don't hear the outrage but it is a very selective outrage.

The ATF arrests people all the time for this. We need people to pressure the ATF to investigate Couric and Stephanie Soechtig (both for conspiracy) as well as the staffer who actually made the purchase.

“We sent a producer out and he is from Colorado and he went to Arizona and he was able to buy a Bushmaster and then three other pistoles without a background check in a matter of four hours. And that’s perfectly legal.”

Except it isn’t. Legal, that is. When Soechtig sent a producer to Arizona from Colorado specifically to acquire firearms, she could have actually broken two federal laws:

Interstate transfer: for a purchaser to acquire a firearm outside their state of residence – in this case, Colorado – the transfer must go through a licensed firearms dealer in the purchaser’s state of residence [18 U.S.C 922(a)(3); 27 CFR 478.29].
Straw purchase: one individual may not make the purchase of a firearm in someone else’s name [18 U.S.C. 922(a)(5)].

By Soechtig’s own admission, she sent a producer across state lines with instructions to purchase a firearm on her behalf (violation of straw purchase laws). And unless her producer is also a licensed firearms dealer, it’s likely that interstate transfer laws may also have been violated.
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