July 8, 2016

#BLM Does Dallas

Five officers are dead, seven officers and two civilians are wounded. We should have seen this coming and some did, but the magnitude is shocking.

One suspect is dead, three more are in custody but whether or not they are involved in the shootings is uncertain.

Police negotiated with one suspect for several hours inside a parking garage before sending in a remote controlled robot with a bomb attached. That suspect is now deceased, but before his screaming descent into perdition, he raged against police and white people.


Doom said...

From Dem leadership and Google (corporate) comments, it looks like blm got the go ahead from their superiors. After cops, guess who is next? Yeah, they will just have cops stand down, watch, and do nothing.

sig94 said...

Doom - now it is F/T concealed carry for those who can (or will).

Brian Fisher said...

Sadly, it is time to choose sides. Hand wringing over how we got to where we are today (divided) is not useful. When 13 % of the population accounts for more than half the crime it is clear which side I choose. A flawed police force that makes mistakes wins ever day over those who intentionally do wrong over and over again. Decent lives matter...crooked/incompetent cops and the career welfare/criminal class do not. Thanks to the good (most of them) cops that stand between us and those who create chaos.

sig94 said...

Amen Brian.