July 8, 2016

Officer Down

At least eleven police officers were shot, three are dead in Dallas.
DALLAS -- Dallas Police Chief David Brown has confirmed at least 10 police officers were shot and at least three were killed in an attack by two snipers in downtown Dallas at a protest of officer-involved shootings across the country.

"Tonight it appears that two snipers shot ten police officers from elevated positions during the protest/rally," Brown wrote in a statement. "Three officers are deceased, two are in surgery and three are in critical condition. An intensive search for suspects is currently underway. No suspects are in custody at this time.
The Chief of Police stated in a recent presser that eleven officers have been shot.

More here.

Four officers have died.


Gorges Smythe said...

I guess they're too stupid to realize that someone may get fed up and start sniping protesters.

sig94 said...

I dunno Gorges, this ain't stupidity, it's evil.