July 5, 2016

The FBI Teed It Up, Now Hillary Swings For The White House

When I first heard the news about the FBI folding this morning I was fit to be tied. But prayer, reflection, meditation on the Good Book and some outstanding marinade on the pork chops this evening has mellowed me out a bit. The bitch got away with everything and there ain’t a bloody thing we can do.

The question is this, can Trump and his forces withstand the juggernaut of lies, deception and voter fraud that is building steam right now in every precinct across the fruited plains?

It will be a tsunami of corruption the likes of which will be unique in American history. The dead will rise up and vote; three, four, five times. The living even more. Half of Mexico will be registered to vote in California, the other half is already living there, courtesy of an emasculated Border Patrol.

Ballot boxes will be put on steroids in order to handle the over flow. Electronic voting booths will be automatically scoring democratic votes on one side and swiping EBT cards on the other. Like those low level urinals in the movie theaters, there will be mini voting stations (My Little Democrat) for infants and toddlers in every major urban center.

The White House will be in full war mode. Mooshell will promise to twerk on Comey’s face for every precinct that turns true blue. Lynch will bequeath her calves to Goodyear.

I’m going to bed early tonight. Maybe this will turn out to be just a bad dream.

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