August 24, 2016

More Leftist Bullshit From NY Universities

From the UK Daily Mail:
The State University of New York at Binghamton is under fire over a new course it's offering to resident advisors.

The session titled 'StopWhitePeople2K16' is taught by three RAs and describes itself as a tool to 'understanding diversity, privilege and the society we function within'.

'Learning about these topics is a good first step, but when encountered with 'good' arguments from uneducated people, how do you respond?

'This open discussion will give attendees the tools to do so, and hopefully expand upon what they may already know,' the course description reads.
Leave it to NY to establish a new form of indoctrination. You just know some idiot with a BA in Social Justice will demand a  job .

I paid for one daughter, the one who's in the Army, to attend SUNY Binghamton. It's a bastion of leftist liberal bullshit attended by a flock of NYC/Long Island high school grads. But it did have an Arabic Studies program which is what she wanted. 

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