October 23, 2016

Wage Gap Crap

Liberal heads are exploding as another myth crumbles under examination. This myth? That woman are typically paid less than men. From Breitbart:
Research on the gender pay gap from the American Enterprise Institute reveals that women overwhelmingly choose less-lucrative university majors.

The research, conducted by AEI scholar Mark J. Perry who is a professor at the University of Michigan in Flint, argues that any gap in earnings between American men and women are the result of the different career field choices rather than employer discrimination.

According to Perry’s research, American women received 57% of all bachelor degrees granted in 2014, which equated to nearly 200,000 more degrees granted to females than to males. Despite this disparity, the degrees granted to women came overwhelmingly in lower-paying majors, such as Nursing, Journalism, and English.

  • For example, in 8 out of the 10 highest-paying college majors — various Engineering fields, Computer Science and MIS — men represented more than 80% of the college graduates in those fields. The only college major of the top ten where women are over-represented is Nursing, a field where 84.4% of the bachelor’s degrees in 2014 were awarded to women.
  • For the top ten highest-paying college majors as a group, men earn an average of 72% of the bachelor’s degrees in those fields. For the top 20 college majors, men earn an average of nearly two-thirds of those degrees; for the top 30, the male average is 60.5% and for the top 50 (actually only 40 majors are considered), the average for men is 53.7% of degrees.
Perry concludes that the much-discussed pay gap is not a result of gender discrimination by employers, but rather the result of the choices of females entering the labor force.


LL said...

A liberal would point to that as evidence that "we all need to be paid the same" irrespective of degree or specialty. Naturally that pay would come from the government.

sig94 said...

Never let a manufactured crisis go to waste, eh?