January 22, 2017

The Media Lies ... Are We Surprised?

Trump is right. The media lied about the inauguration attendance.
The New York Times and Trump Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, appear to be in an argument over the crowd attending the President Trump inauguration. In the politicized era of jaw-dropping media bias, fake news and constructed Potemkin villages, does this come as a surprise.
The picture used to show a meager turn out was taken before the ceremony started. Delays caused by federal security personnel in allowing the crowd to enter the mall made the initial sparse observations. Later observations show that the mall was completely filled.

Story here.


Kid said...

The media needs to be 'dealt with'.
They've had their way unobstructed for decades.
Time for legislation - penalties - removal of FCC licenses.

Damn the torpedoes.

LL said...

President Trump is trying to hold the corrupt, smug, lying, elite mainstream media to account and they are uncomfortable with that.

LindaG said...

We watched the inauguration. First time in a long time I remember doing that. We knew the crowd was as big as it was for Mr. King's speech.
But the media goes on and on about how small it was, and continues to repeat other lies.

So tired of it all. And with the idiot march over the weekend...

If I didn't know that God was in charge of it all, I might despair completely.

Here's to a blessed week for us all.

Anonymous said...

I grant that the half hour difference in the photos made a difference, and that Trumps crowd was bigger than the photo might show, but this is Washington DC, a liberal city with a huge black population (close to 50%), so they would naturally come out in force for the first black President but not for Trump. Trump's own estimate of 1.5 million is still less than the estimates made in 2009 of 1.9 million.

There is also the fact that DC Metro reported way more subway fares in 2009 than for Trump Friday (in fact there were fewer than on an average workday), plus the CNN photo here is not the same angle as the arial photo, and there is another photo from atop the Washington monument in 2009 that has huge packed crowds right near the base of the monument and off to the side by the theater.

Nevertheless, if media lies are the issue then perhaps take issue with who reported that "Obama Awards Self Medal", when the Defense Dept. distinguished service medal comes 100% from within the Defense Dept, with no input from the President. He could not have the Sec. of Defense give him a medal, that's not how it works.