January 23, 2017

Yep, It's Monday

Just another six weeks and I'm all done. Everyday will be Saturday.


LindaG said...

Congratulations! Hope you enjoy it.

Kid said...

Nice !

LL said...

Are you sure that you don't want to continue working until you have a heart attack at your desk?

I'm joking.

Your retirement will be well deserved.

sig94 said...

Except for perhaps a total of two years, I've been involved with law enforcement/public safety since July of 1970. It's gotten old.

For these past 45 years I spent 15 years in patrol operations and the rest in administrative and executive positions.

I am in the process of training my replacement who is also a retired cop. Interestingly, he worked for me when I was a Division Commander and took over my job when I retired from the PD in 1998. Eighteen years later he is taking over my job again. He is a good man, a very smart administrator and the DA's Office will benefit from his contributions.

Doom said...

Hey, just... some small advice? Sure, I was retired from illness, and long ago, so my planning was just figuring out how to live as... I am. But! Take it from me... have hobbies and plans ready. Sitting, just sitting, is addictive. Build things into your life that require you to get and go. Have hobbies I hope? Find more. Overplan. Not that you will get to all, but having too little to do, or occupy your time, will see you to sitting. Don't, unless you weary yourself or have to from time to time. Age... sucks but this can be a joy. Besides, not enough hobbies means if some project, or three, is, are, at an impasse, you have something else you can pick up. And, yes, it happens.

Ignore me if you will. I just don't want to see you stuck to a seat and then dead too quickly. You've made it. I really want to see you around to enjoy it, and your grandchildren, and your wife, and your updated home. I've fought myself to fifty. I might even have another thirty in me. But it's been hard fought. You are in better shape, even if older. Use it or lose it. Oh, and don't let the stress of it bury you. Amen.

sig94 said...

Thanks Doom - I have my workshop to remodel, pastor has a bunch of work for me at church, one of my daughters just bought a house (just redid her foyer), my oldest grandson wants to practice more with a pistol... heh, lotsa stuff to do. Plus I may still do a little contract work with the DA when they need some help with projects.

I'll be sixty-eight this Spring and although my heart isn't all it could be I know enough to be busy but still take it easy.