January 24, 2017

When Karma Bites You In The Ass

Drug Dealer gets 19 year prison sentence.
Drug dealer serves half of term.
Drug dealer is pardoned by Obama.
Drug dealer returns to his old haunts.
Drug dealer gets blown away.
Presidential pardons can be a good thing.
A man whose drug-related prison sentence was commuted by Obama was fatally shot at a federal halfway house in Michigan, police said.

Demarlon C. Thomas, whose sentence was commuted in November, was killed by two men with assault-style rifles who sought him out.

Thomas, 31, was formerly a gang member of Sunny Side Gang in Saginaw, about 100 miles north of Detroit.

Story here.


Kid said...

Sometimes things work out. Now for democrat politician karma.

LL said...

America won...and the Devil has one more soul to torment.

I see that as a win all the way around.

underground pewster said...

Remind me not to ask for any favors from B.O.