March 24, 2017

Crime Doesn't Always Pay

Purse snatcher catches the bus

In line skater gets caught later

Carjacker gets jacked 


LL said...

I recall a burglary call. When I arrived a man was literally sanding an illegal alien's face off on the black-top. He had him locked up in a wrestling hold and was administering curbside justice.

The local high school wrestling coach came home and when he opened his garage door to drive in, he saw an illegal alien, bolting out of the house carrying a pillow case full of loot. He caught him, and somebody called the police.

The police report reflected how the citizen defended himself bravely against the illegal alien, using only that force absolutely necessary to subdue the daytime-res-burglar. Then I took the burglar away for public justice. Back then they were deported after being dealt with. But the burglar's face will never be 'right'. I don't know if he was an ugly man before the coach got to him, but he didn't win any beauty prizes afterward.

Curbside justice is sometimes the very most satisfying.

Then there was the time when a man, just paroled from prison, broke into my partner's house. He pried the door, then he kicked it in and rushed in holding a screwdriver. And my partner double-tapped him in the chest with his .45 and sent him to the hot place. I think that's still allowed but - who knows? Back then it was.

We can all go on and on about this stuff, can't we.

sig94 said...

LL - there's no end to it.

"Necessary and sufficient physical force" is our credo.

Doom said...

The good, the bad, and the ugly. It isn't the only way, or the best way always, but it is a way. It's like any other way. Works better, in my opinion, when people know each other. More motive to work it out, often without the police... even sometimes when a hospital stay might be required, or morgue. Yeah... Just a way.

Where I live, a talking with parents, or other family, I would even go through their church first, and things get settled. At worst I think I'd have to clobber someone. All good. But drugs, hard ones, are beginning to show up even here. Locked and loaded, but not so much for me.

Kid said...

Beat em down ladies. Forget Kick boxing. Mace, Pepper Spray or Gun.

sig94 said...

Doom - a lot of "police work" used to be done that way, but not for many years. Parents used to properly discipline their kids. Hardly any do.

sig94 said...

Kid - Some ladies have quite a bit of fight in them. Others, not so much.

grayjohn said...

Sic Semper Assholes.

Kid said...

I must have been tired on first comment. :)

#1 - Awesome
#2 - Awesome
#3 - Awesome and hopefully deported now.

sig94 said...

Grayjohn - from your lips to God's ear.