March 25, 2017

Ironman's Pooper Potts

Gwyneth Paltrow portrays the characer Pepper Potts in Marvel's Ironman series.
Perhaps her character's name should be changed to Pooper Potts.
The NY Post Page 6  is truly a fount of information.
Gwyneth Paltrow is a backdoor connoisseur.

In honor of her website Goop’s second annual Sex Issue, the actress, 44, posted a Q&A about anal sex with research psychoanalyst and author Paul Joannides, Psy.D., to answer all of her readers’ most pressing questions.

The 12 questions about anal sex, which the site claims is “practically standard in the modern bedroom repertoire,” include:
Sometimes I think of things that would surprise my wife. This is not on the list.


LL said...

That may be 'too much information" about Paltrow, who I always thought of as a wing nut - pretty, but still a wing nut. She named her son Moses and eats a macrobiotic diet. I'm not sure what that is, but what about a waffle slathered in butter and maple syrup with some bacon, Gwyn? Her confusion with life in general makes it logical to presume that she doesn't know where it's supposed to go.

Bark like a dog, Gwyneth...

Doom said...

Oh... it would surprise her.

I think women who are into that come from one of two schools. One group were molested as children. Just like "gays" who were made gay, something gets into their bean and it isn't correctable. Even surgery to repair the damage doesn't change their minds. The others are those who become terrified of pregnancy. There was a time such was of interest, because I didn't want children. Losing a woman and child changes things, at least for a while. Though I think all women are at least curious, at one time or another. Most, like it or not, have tried it... though possibly solo. I have been around a number of blocks. I have asked many questions to women who I knew well enough to ask these things.

Her? Hard to tell. Do you realize there was a whole 'Christian' denomination that eschewed sex, though if the temptation was too much they allowed for that? I think, finally, they exist no more. Not the first. One of the first heretical 'Christian' groups similarly rejected procreative sex, and lived minimally, etc. Turned into a philosophy and live now only, really, as theory.

Hmm? Oh... just talking out my... never mind.

LindaG said...

Good grief. Won't read either, I don't think. Not that I'm prudish or anything. Just.... good grief.

underground pewster said...

I guess she drives the wrong way up a one way street too.

Kid said...

Given that make up artists can even make the hildebeast look human, I'm going to go with she is one ugly bitch and old too, the neck gives it away.
And she's 8 times more ignorant than pelosi even thopugh that seems impossible. I wouldn't have sex with her using katie couric's penis.